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Nova Scotia

With our ongoing participation in the JA company program mentorship over several years we do our bit for developing entrepreneurship and personal welfare of youth in our community.

Have a look at some of our mentorship successes :

"Not Just Knots a JA Company". Winners of the peoples choice award at the HRM regional Junior Achievement NS Pitchit competition (2015-2016 season), for producing and selling "Paracord" products.

"Lobster Limited a JA Company" winning Company of the year (2014-2015) for their Nova Scotia themed colouring book aptly named "Colours of the Coast"

advisor team of the year

Pieter is also proud to serve as a member of the JA Nova Scotia HRM community council.

We believe that our efforts encourage our Nova Scotia youth to stay in our beautiful province. We are excited to be a part of the development of our future leaders.